About Us

North West General Trading and Contracting Company is independently owned company established in the year of 2006. North West has a range of divisions that provide a diversified services to clients. We work in different fields from Security, Real-estate, Logistics, Commodities to Labor Supply. North West Labor Supply & Management Division specializes in Selection, Specialist staffing, Outsourcing and Local Life and Project Support. We are capable of providing a wide range of services to various client in Kuwait and Iraq and more importantly our flexible approach that allow our services to be customized towards client’s specific needs. We structured our organization and resources with capabilities that meets major projects requirements (+3 Million KD). Through our past experience, we have overcame all obstacles and did adapt to all work conditions to provide high quality services to our clients. We had a rough contract with US Army where we did lose two of our labor, however it did not affect the delivery of the service to the client and we compensated the families of the deceased persons. Professional, transparency and integrity is our ethical guidelines in delivering our services. We have access to large databases of candidates with various disciplines and skills along with reliable support from our agents around the world. Moreover, we travel and meet candidates to ensure selecting best technical manpower for our clients. We are known of meeting all due dates and offer an expedite service due to our positive network and profile within both governments in Kuwait, Iraq and India. We are confident in providing required skilled labor in less than a month. At North West, we adapt all means of Technology to ease the selection and communication process. We have a staff of 5 persons who are specialized in analyzing and collect candidates CV’s. Documentation and reporting are what strengthen our process in communication for quality service that meets client satisfaction.
Our aim is to deliver an excellent and quality services to our clients and not to engage them in any internal and external struggle while we serve the period of the contract. Client peace of mind is what will be experienced.